November 24

A really friggen’ good experience during my trip to Toronto

Concierge service

Today I wanted to post about an experience I had this weekend while I was on business in Toronto;

I was flown in by an important client to Pearson last Monday, like I’ve told my readers before – taking care of good clients is important

When you get to a new city you’re not familiar with it can be tough, daunting and downright scary. For people like me with some anxiety to the unknown this isn’t exactly the *easiest* thing to get over sometimes. I digress..

I got out of gate 5 at Pearson, and there was someone waiting there for it with my name on a big sign. I told him I was his guy, he introduced himself: There came ahmed, my personal chauffeur for the rest of the week. This was a really great touch on their part, and the experience couldn’t have been as pleasant.

I actually asked about the company who was behind Ahmed, they’re a Toronto limo company named Paradise limos, click on their name to be taken to their website. (HIGHLY recommended, thanks again ahmed! :)

The first leg of my trip was flying around meeting to meeting where Ahmed got me swiftly. It was funny, we almost became friends during this time. He was damn helpful, he picked up my groceries for me, picked up a few couriered parcels etc. I’m not sure every other limo business would go to this extent, and I’m not sure if it was a special delivery worked out but it sure as hell was a pleasent experience.

I really want to push this notion onto the readers of this blog, you guys should really know who the right people are to take care of – and when they are in, make sure you do.

What a fantastic weekend I had

OH and be sure to check out this place called “mama’s deli” up at bathurst & bloor if you ever visit Toronto, best smoked meat I’ve ever had.




November 18

Why I decided to sell my business and the impact it’ll have on my future

I’ve decided to sell. Yup, it’s that time. Why’d I decide this?

A few reasons:

  1. Money – Obviously, this should be the first thing that comes to anybody’s mind. Who doesn’t want a big influx of capital coming in? Yeah exactly.. Me too. No but seriously; Last year around this time I’d built up a 1/10th of the business I have today and when I sold it had a huge positive impact on my life. Everything started to come together for me, it was an amazing experience and a hell of a financial experience. One that ultimately led to allowing me to buy my dream car.
  2. I want to fund new idea’s – I’ve learned a lot in the last year, and this will be unarguably the best way to apply it. Good thing I followed my own tips during the last year, and holy crap am I happy I did!
  3. I want to keep a positive track record – Last year I sold for $50,000 + gained another $70,000 in aftework. This year I have 5x as much revenue and 10x as much business potential, so I should get a significant sum.
  4. It will allow me to reap the benefits and re-invest in things using what I’ve learned in the last 15 months – this is something I need to do, to apply what I’ve learned in the last year and grow

I’m glad I made this decision, it’s going to be messy but fun.

I’ll keep you guys updated during this adventure



October 27

How to accommodate an important client who’s traveling: The top 4 ways

private driver

We’ve compiled a list of the absolute essentials to host your clients that are travelling into town to meet up with you or someone else involved in your business. This will make or break you so prepare to pay attention to the next 4 points we make, and don’t screw them up

  • Seek out the best hotel – Finding the best hotels, with the best facilities will really impress your guest. Don’t put them up in the Hilton or Sheraton, go find the best 5 star hotel around and break even on the first month of service. You’ll thank yourself when they email telling you how impressed they were with your business services.
  • Hire a really good limousine company – We highly recommend VIP as our service of choice, they operate in Toronto, LA, Miami, Chicago, Vancouver, NYC and several other major cities. Having a seriously proper limousine company will ensure your client is always on time, where they need to be, and taken care of with a 5 star chauffeur

With these two things, you really can’t go wrong. For more information check out my Q&A. Make sure you don’t screw up these points because they will decide the outcome of whether you get paid or whether you don’t

What else can we do to ensure a happy client?

October 27

Running a consulting business Q&A

Private jets & limos

I’ve intereviewed 10 consulting business owners and compiled a list of the best, most interesting questions when it comes to owning your own consulting practice.

  1. Do you love what you do? A: Hell yeah, owning a consulting business is fucking great. We all love what we do, we decide what we want to do, we can work from anywhere. It’s truly a dream job, I don’t think about the hours I’m working when I am working and I couldn’t ask for anything better
  2. Is it stressful? A: Again, hell yes it is. If you lose a few too many important customers in a short amount of time you can really feel like everything is falling around you that’s why we created this blog after all and that’s why you should pay attention on treating your high end clientele properly
  3. Is it good money? Yea, if you keep all of your clients!

I hope you enjoyed our short and quick questionnaire and if you have any questions let us know in the comment section below


October 27

Why you’ll thank me for these tips when you go to sell your business

I bet someday you’ll re-read this post when you’ve been made an extremely tempting offer based on a very reasonable & generous multiple for your very own consulting business

Now, why is customer retention important when the time comes that you eventually sell your business?

The amount of customers is what will decide how much you walk away from your business with. You get a multiple for each of your recurring revenue customers you have. That means if you get 10 every year and lose 5, in 3 years you’ll have 15 clients, as opposed to say 27 or even close to 100% retention if you’re the best

Sure, this might be obvious. But when it comes to it, and you can take $10,000,000 instead of $5,000,000 you’ll be thanking me

So that’s it? No it’s not. See, the multiple of buying a business isn’t just about how many customers you have and a multiple it’s all ABOUT your retention. A prospective buyer will look into the retention rate of your business and gauge the growth based off of that. If they see you are incredible at keeping your clients on board they will project volumes higher of earnings when seeing the potential for growth with their value adds

This will make the difference between 7 figures and 8 figures


October 27

Let’s bring 2014 to a positive end and start the new year off booming

How to keep your clients

Welcome folks,

I want to start by introducing myself, my name is Rob and I decided to start this online blog to help people starting consulting businesses with their client retention. You might be thinking right now, Rob – I just want to get customers before I get ahead of myself and think about how to keep them paying me month after month but there’s more to it than that

Customer retention WILL be what makes or breaks your business. If you don’t plan properly from the start you’re almost ensuring a terrible failure unless you plan to run your business with family & friends as your customers for the rest of your life. Which won’t give you any real insight about your business since they feel obligated to compel you to continue

I hope you enjoy reading some of my posts, and I hope when the time comes whether you’re at the point or not that you really reap the benefits from the information that I shell out here


Rob K